Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chocolate Ganache Strawberry Cake

Choc moist cake with choc ganache and stoberi-beri ordered by Mrs. Aspalela from Bukit Rambai for her friend's birthday. Thanks kak.

Cheezy Blueberry Cupcakes

This cheezy blueberry cupcakes made for my in law, Dilla & Azim (my hubby's twin) for makan-makan.
Thanks ya kasi kitorang tumpang tidur rumah korang.. and also thanks for bring us to Rayyan Supermodel Mini's photoshoot that day. haha!

Berkah - Choc Cake

I don't know what to call this..
supposed to be a door gift, but Mr. Zhafran order this for his operators - for makan2 :)
Thanks Zhaf!

Steam Choc Moist with Choc Ganache

1kg++ steam choc moist cake with chocolate ganache and simple decos ordered by Pn.Halimah from Alor Gajah for makan2.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweet Sequine

16pcs vanilla cupcakes with sweet sequine's design also ordered by Ima Elanie's friends.
Thanks sis :)


I'm not quite sure what is Latania Lalat is? hehe..
this 16pcs vanilla cupcakes with simple ganache topping and cheese-buttercream was order by Ima Elanie's friend. Thanks :)

Chocolate Ganache Strawberry Cake

Chocolate Moist with ganache and full of stoberi-beri was ordered by Pn. Asmah, Pulai for her niece's engagement hantaran.
Thanks cik Mah! :)

Carrot Cheesecake

Carrot Cheesecake - ordered by Ayna Mardiah, Bukit Tembakau.
Thanks Ayna :)

Barney Yang Seram

(-_-;) it's should be a Barney!
but its turn into a scary Barney. koff!!
This cupcakes also ordered by Mrs. Syarina from Kuala Sg. Baru for her Hakimi's birthday.
thanks and sorry for this not-too-cool barney cupcakes. :(

Thomas and Friends Cupcakes

25pcs - mix of vanilla and orange cupcakes ordered by Mrs. Syarina from Kuala Sg. Baru for her son,
Hakimi's birthday.
Thanks Syarina! :)

Chocolate Moist Cake

A very simple deco. 1kg choc moist cake with chocolate ganache - ordered by Cik Ann from Alor Gajah.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Orange Cheesecake

Special order from Syaza Hazwani from KL for her lovely dad's birthday, Cikgu Zaini at Taman Pahlawan...
an Orange Cheesecake!
this is my 1st time ever baking this type of cheesecake. i found the recipe at www.myresipi.com. and it tastes very nice. :)
thanks Syaza (and also a milion thanks to Myresipi.com!)

Door Gift - Choc Brownies Pack

Craving for a cool with reasonable price for your wedding Door Gift ? Here is my new product, a pack of Chocolate Moist Brownies with chocolate sauces and a sprinkle of chocolate rices!
Only RM1 per/pack!
All these was ordered by Puan. Zai from Kg. Pulai, Merlimau, Melaka.
thank you!

Cheezy Cupcakes with Strawberry

Repeat order from Ayu from Panasonic Batu Berendam. 9pcs cheesy cupcakes with strawberry for makan-makan. Thanks ayu!~

Monday, August 10, 2009

Elegant Blacky Pink

25pcs choc moist cupcakes with ganache and strawberry buttercream - with an elegant pink & black decos was ordered by Mrs. Fieza, Tmn Aman, Ujung Pasir.
Thanks Fieza.

Hantaran Cupcakes

Another hantaran cupcakes. This one was ordered by Tiera from Tesco for her engagement's hantaran.
16pcs choc moist cupcakes with simple white & red colour.
Congratulation for both Tiera & Taufikh.

Chocolate Ganache Strawberry Cupcakes

Almost forgot to upload this.
Sorry Ika!
This lovely choc moist cupcakes with ganache and strawberries was ordered by Ika from Kuantan for her mom's birthday last week.
Thanks again Ika! :)

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