Monday, May 31, 2010

Aqiqah Doorgift

100pcs choc cupcakes with lovely pink and creamy buttercream - ordered by Ms. Syura from Sg. Udang for her lovely daughter's aqiqah.
Thanks Syura :)

Choc Moist Cake

1kg choc moist with ganache and superbig stoberries - ordered by Ms. Aisyah from Wisma Negeri, Ayer Keroh for her princess Syifa's 2nd birthday.
Thanks Aisyah.

3D Fondant Cupcakes

Another 3D fondant cupcakes same as previous design - ordered by Ms. Nina from KL for her Bf's birthday.. Thanks sis :)

Pink Sakura

36pcs choc cupcakes - white and pink flowers same as Puteri Umno's theme color - another order from Mrs. Emy Samsudin from Masjid Tanah for her staffs.

Carrot Cheese Brownies

Walnut carrot cheese brownies - also ordered by Mrs. Faizah from Ayer keroh for makan2.
Thanks dear :)

Flower Bouquet

1.5kg choc moist cake with buttercream - a flower bouquet - ordered by Mrs. Emy Samsudin from Masjid Tanah for her officemate.
Thanks sis..

White and Brown Fondant Cake

3 tiers fondant cake with white and brown theme colour - ordered by Ms. Faizah from Ayer Keroh for her relative's wedding. there is so many stories behind this order.... siap boleh bagi salah maybank account no! haha.. gile cuak..
anyway, thank you very much Faizah for the order.. :)

Pinky Roses Fondant Cake

Simple sweet pink roses fondant cake for wedding hantaran - ordered by Puan Mazlah from Taman Pandan Jaya, Melaka . Thank aunty :)

Cake for Hari Guru

1kg choc cake with buttercream - ordered by Mrs. Aida from Melaka Baru for her kid's teachers day celebration at school.
thanks Aida (lambat gile baru update :D )

Sunday, May 23, 2010

3D Animal Cupcakes

10pcs cute 3D figurine animals ordered by Mrs. Rozana for Aliya's 5th birthday celebration.
seriously i have so much fun playing with all these - dah lama tak main playdough..haha!

Little Nemo

Mr. Froggie

cik Gee-raffe

Yellow duckling

the Elly-phant

3D Fondant Cupcakes

Another 3D Figurine cupcakes - same design as previous, requested by Mrs. Rozana from Bkt. Katil form Aliya's 5th birthday.

Choc Moist Cuppies

36pcs choc moist with ganache ordered by Ms. Fitrah from Melaka Baru for her beloved boO's birthday. thanks Fitrah :)

White and Silver Cupcakes

16pcs simple White and Silver theme cupcakes - ordered by Ms. Lene from Ozana for her wedding hantaran.
Thanks sis :)

Neopolitan Cheese and Strawberries

Neopolitan Cheese with ganache and strawberries - ordered by Mrs. Rozana from Bkt. Katil for her Aliya's 5th birthday. Thanks

Birthday Cupcakes

16pcs cupcakes ordered by Ms. Carey Ooi from Penang for Mr. Yue @ BHP Balai Panjang Melaka. Design also by Carey, thanks ya :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pink and Blue Roses

1.5kg choc moist cake with blue & pink themes - ordered by Cikgu Nuraini Hayati from Merlimau for teacher's day celebration. Thanks dear :)


150pcs mix muffins with TQ wording using royal icing - ordered by ms. Haida for her kid's teacher's day celebration at school.
tQ Haida :)

Selamat Hari Guru

2 set of 9pcs choc moist cupcakes ordered by Cikgu Saleha from Sek Men telok Mas for practical teacher. Thank u cikgu.

Happy Teacher's Day

1kg colourful choc moist cake - ordered by my little Yang Nuralissa (KakCha) for her cikgu Mimi on a teacher's day celebration.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Neopolitan Cheese with Strawberry

1kg Neopolitan Cheesecake withe strawberry and ganache - ordered by Ms.Farah from Ayer Keroh for Haqiem's 9th birthday. Thanks Farah.. :)

Disney Cartoon

Disney cartoon theme - 16pcs choc cupcakes ordered by Ms. Yana from Taman Pahlawan.. Thanks ye Yana :)
(the spider web is cilok idea from Cupcakeschek's tutorial :) tQ cik ayu)

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