Monday, March 29, 2010

New Product : POP CAKES

what is a popcakes?

It is a chocolate or any kind of cakes mixed with cream cheese frosting and coated with a dark chocolate shell. It's so tasty and fulls of chocolatey taste.

Suitables for hantaran or gifts.

Now open for order/ :)

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Size A : Ø 5cm

1 pcs = RM2.50
Set 16 pcs = RM35 (assorted design)
Set 25 = RM55 (assorted design)

Size B : Ø 4cm

1 pcs = RM1.80
Set 16 pcs = RM25
Set 25 pcs = RM40

Birthday Cupcakes

16pcs choc moist cupcakes ordered by Ms. Noly & friends from Uitm Segamat for their friend's birthday. Simple design requested by them.
Thanks a lot girls :)

Mix Praline Chocolates & Cluster

praline Choc with strawberry filling

Dark Choc Cluster

praline Rose choc with hazelnut filling

praline love Choc with almond filling
Mix chocolate sets ordered by Mrs. Fauzlin from Panasonic Melaka. Thanks a lot :)

Tiramisu Cheesecake

1kg ++ Tiramisu Cheesecake - ordered by Ms. Efwa from Serkam.
Thanks sis :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

White & Red Fondant Cupcakes

16pcs mix fondant cupcakes in white & red theme,
Also ordered by Mr. K'Man for hantaran.
Thank you :)

White and Purple Fondant Cuppies

16pcs white & purple fondant cupcakes - Ordered by Mr. K'Man for wedding hantaran.

Thanks a lot!

The Garden

16pcs mix cupcakes - another order - with a same themes, the Garden : from Ms. Nurul (UTEM) for her lovely mom's birthday. thanks a lot nurul :)

The Bug and The Butterflies

16pcs mix cupcakes also ordered by Mrs. Yatiez for the party.
Thanks a lot :)

My Little Princess (Barbie Cake)

Another Little Princess - Barbie Cake, ordered by Pn. Yatiez from Merlimau for her 3rd yo doter's birthday - Zirkrina.
Thanks a lot.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Canteen Day Special Cupcakes

Choc cupcakes with strawberry bubbles

Orange cupcakes with chocolates bubbles

Choco cupcakes with Snow flake fondant

Orange cupcakes with rainbow pearls

Choc cupcakes with trio flowers

Choc cupcakes with creamy ZigZag and flowers

Assorted cupcakes with simple design ordered by Cikgu Naja from MGSS Tengkera for School's Canteen Days.
Thanks a lot!

Cheesy Cupcakes - Love in a Garden

16pcs blueberry cheesy cupcakes with garden theme ordered by Ms. Nurul Sadiran from UTEM for someone special. Thanks a lot Nurul :)

PINK + RED & Whitey Black Cupcakes

16pcs cupcakes set ordered by Ms. Nurul from Pahang for her BF's birthday. Design requested by Nurul.

16pcs cupcakes set ordered from Ms. Dilla for her father's birthday.

16pcs cupcakes set - another order from Cikgu Nuraini Hayati for school activity.
Thanks a lot guys ! :)

Choc Moist Cake with Ganache

2 pcs Choc Moist with ganache - ordered by Cikgu Nuraini Hayati from Merlimau.
for birthday & makan2..
Thanks Yatiez..! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Little Princess at the Garden

My little princess - Barbie at the Garden... this lovely lady has been ordered by Mrs. Aida from Melaka Baru for her lovely daughter, Alya's 6th yr birthday.
Happy Birthday Alya.
Thanks Aida. :)

Nadia & Diana Birthday Cake

1kg choc moist cake with ganache - ordered by Nadia from Serkam for her & her sister's birthday. Nadia request to put their family faces on the cake :)
thanks a lot Nadia ..

Chocolate Orange Cake

1kg chocolate moist with ganache (with a touch of orange flavour) - ordered by Puan Fatimah from Pulai for her twin's 16th birthday. Thanks !

Green Fondant & the Pink Roses

Sweet and lovely pink roses on a green fondant - Hantaran cake ordered by Ms. Izzati from Seri Minyak. Thanks a lot Eazy.. Congratulations for both u and Atif :)

Purple & White Hantaran Cupcakes

16 pcs white and purple theme cupcakes ordered by Ms. Iffa from KL for her cousin wedding hantaran. Thanks a lot Iffa :)

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