Monday, September 28, 2009

LV Handbag Fondant Cake

Another challenge from Ms. Jay (Muar) for me... an LV Handbag fondant cake. (-_-;)
it's quite fussy and hard to do - as you can see the flaw here and there, but i really enjoy it! Thanks Jay for the order. :)

Miniature Cakes

This is a miniature fondant cakes (yeah, i know.. it's a little bit messy.. i'm a beginner, remember?! hahaha -alasan!).. Choc moist cakes inside with a soft green fondant and colourful blossoms.
Requested by Miss Jay from Muar.
Thanks a lot Jay.. and congratulations for ur engagement.
p/s: what i like most about Muar? MEE BANDUNG & MURTABAK SINGAPORE! yummmmm!!

English Garden - Red & White Fondant Cupcakes

Yes.... another fondant cupcakes :)
This 25pcs - red & white fondant cupcakes was ordered by Mainy My from Durian Tunggal.
Thank you so much My.. Thanks for the extra duit raya ;-)

Sweet Pink Roses - Fondant Cupcakes

Another fondant cupcakes - a very lovely sweet pink colour fondant cupcakes and roses was ordered by Ms. Emiza from Muar for her engagement.
Thanks Emi and congrats! :)

Hantaran Cake - White n Red

Choc moist cake with red roses and blossoms is a hantaran cake from Yalil (my in law) to her Azrah.
Selamat pengantin baru to both of u guys.

English Garden - Lovely Green Fondant Cupcakes

This is my first time ever playing with fondant (after a few times googling and learning with YouTube (-_-;) )
fyi guys, i've never attend any baking or cooking classes.. i learn everything from internet. (kesian aku kan?)
It might be too simple (ya lah...i'm a beginner right?) but i have so much fun with it.
By the way, this cupcakes was ordered by Ms. Suzana from Muar for her engagement's hantaran.
Thanks a lot Suzana. and congratulations! :)

Edible Image Cakes for Hantaran

Choc moist cake with edible image ordered by Ms. Suzana for her hantaran.

Eazy & Atif's Engagements Cupcakes

16pcs choc cupcakes with buttercream and fondant wording ordered by Ms. Eazy for her engagement's hantaran.
Congratulation and thanks ya sis! :)

Cheesy Mix Cupcakes

16pcs cheesy mix cupcakes ordered by Kak Jalilah JY. Big thanks to u sis..! Dapat duit raya extra lagi :D

Edible Image Cakes

Choc moist cake with Ice Age II theme edible images was ordered by Mrs. Arin from KL for her lovely doter, Sufiah Hanum's birthday.
Thanks Arin!

Salam Lebaran - Choc Moist Cakes

Choc moist cake for lebaran were ordered by Mr. Fadzli (KL), Miss Nani (Bt Berendam) and Ms. Nadia (Serkam). Thank you so much guys. Selamat hari raya! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cheesecake & Rainbow Buttercake

Rainbow Buttercake : A buttercake with a slightly taste of strawberry and full of colours.

Blueberry Cheesecake
Both cakes above were ordered by Pn.Hamidah, AmBank Melaka for Hari Raya Celebration.
Thanks Kak ! :)

From Sofrina to Her Hubby

16pcs cupcakes mix design is a last minute order by Sofrina from IWK Bt Berendam for husband's birthday.
Thanks a lot Sofrina. :)

Happy Birthday Yusla

25pcs choc moist cupcakes with Choc ganache ordered by Pn.Yusla for her birthday.
Thanks Yusla. May Allah Bless you.

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