Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mix Cupcakes

16pcs mix cupcakes was ordered by Ms. Nurul from JB for her mom's birthday, Pn.Rohaila - GPK KoKu from SK. Paya Rumput.
Thanks Nurul :)

The Red Evo

Choc moist cake with lovely Hersey's chocolate topping plus an Evo's edible image was ordered by Mrs. Hasrina from Bt. Berendam for her husband's 30th birthday.
Thanks a lot Has :)

Beach Time

I were received a phone call from Jennice, UTEM during Q-ing for SushiKing RM2 promos last week. ...
She ask me to make a cupcakes with a Beach Theme and also emailed me a sample to design. So i just draw exactly as requested. Thanks Jennice :)

Choc Moist Cakes & Cupcakes

Hi guys, sorry for being late updating the blog.
This choc cake has been ordered by Ms. Yana from Taman Pahlawan for her lovely mom's (cum my cousin..hehe) birthday last week. Also 4pcs cupcakes with simply alphabet named ANIQ for her brother's birthday. Thanks a lot Yana :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chocolate Cupcakes for PISMK

100pcs choc cupcakes with ganache and a little fondant flower ordered by cikgu2 (err..sorry guys, i'm really forgot u all's name) from Maktab Perguruan (P) Durian Daun for PISMK's dinner last monday. I asked them what is the PISMK's stand for?
it was : Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Keguruan.
(ohh..! i thought it supposed to be called Perguruan (-_-;) )

Megat Raimi Afiq is 1 year old!~

2 tier chocolate cake with buttercream + stoberi-beri and Ben10 edible image, ordered by Mrs. Sofrina from Bukit Katil for her son's 1st birthday, Megat Raimi Afiq.
Thanks Sofrina :)

Red Roses Fondant Cupcakes

16pcs red roses fondant cupcakes was ordered by Ms. Lina from Sg. Rambai for her engagement's hantaran.
It was a last minute order. Luckily i've just knead my fondant dough that day.
Thanks Lina. :)

2 types of Choc Moist Cakes with ganache was ordered by Ms. Aliza from Jasin.
Thanks Aliza :)

Blueberry Cheesecake

Blueberry Cheesecake - ordered by Maisarah from Ambank, Munshi, Melaka.
Thanks Mai for inviting us to your open house.
The rendang itik is soooo delicious... ;)
i likee ~~ hee..

Monday, October 5, 2009

3 Tiers Wedding Cakes for Yalil & Azra

3 tiers Chocolate Moist Cake with Ganache for my bro in law's wedding ceremony, 3rd Sept. 2009 at Taman Johor Jaya, JB.

The 1st tier (bottom one) - 2 kg Choc cake with edible image of the bride & bridegroom.

2nd tier

3rd tier - top.

Pengantin ask me not to cut their faces on a cake. hahahah!
Korang makan la muka sesama sendiri, okey?
anyway, congratulations to both of you.

Sweet Sakura

Choc moist cake with sweet and lovely sakuras.
This one has been ordered by Ms. Nadia also for her sister's engagement, Nur Diana.
Thanks and congratulations Diana :)

Choc Ganache with Edible Image

1kg Choc moist cake with edible image of Nuradriana Nabila for her cukur jambul & aqiqah.
Ordered by Mrs. Nadia Mohd. Nor from Serkam.
Nad also add another 50pcs choc moist in a cups as a door gift.
Thanks Nadia :)

Pink Fondant Cupcakes

16pcs pink fondant cupcakes ordered by Ms. Yanie from Panasonic, Melaka for her engagements hantaran.
Thanks and congratulations Yanie :)

Chocolate Moist Cake

Another order from Ms. Eros (Teac) - Choc moist cake for makan-makan.
Thanks a lot Eros :)


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