Sunday, June 26, 2011

Red Velvet Cuppies

Red Velvet Cupcakes with strawberries - ordered by Ms. Najwa from Serkam for her lovely husband's birthday. Thanks Najwa :)

Chillies& Tomato

16pcs choc cupcakes with fondant chillies n tomatoes - ordered by Ms. Ika from Penang for her dad's birthday. Thanks Ika & Am :)

Welcome to the World, Qaireen!

160pcs plain cupcakes & 2 pcs of 1.5kg cakes ordered by Najwa & Yan for the new born ceremony. Congrats n tQ :)

Princess Barbie at the Garden

2kg+ Red Velvet Cake with barbie and the garden - ordered by Ms. Ain for her lovely daughter, Arissa's 1st birthday. Thanks Ain & Happy birthday Arissa! :)

Chocolate Stawberries Cake

2 set of 2kgs chocolate cakes with strawberries - ordered by Ms. Jamilah & Mr. Mohd for their engagement ceremony. Congrats & tQ :)

Rocky Road Fiesta

thank you so much for all my dearie customer yg sudi order the Rocky Road cake. thanks Needza n friend (Maybank), Idayanti (Ambank), Amelia (Crystal Bay), Yati (Alor Gajah) & Azu (Ayer Keroh). tQ! tQ! tQ! :)

Fresh Fruits Cake

1.5kg choc cake with fresh fruits - ordered by Ms. Yana from Pernu for hantaran. Thanks Yana :)

Orange Cheesecake

Orange Cheesecake for Father's Day - ordered by Kak Ayu from Sempang for family gathering. thanks kak Ayu :)

Pop Cakes for Father's Day

16pcs popcakes for Father's Day celebration - ordered by Ms. Ani from Politeknik Merlimau. Thanks dear :)

Green Charming Set

Green Charming Set for Shukri & Ayu - ordered by kak Rahiza from Taman Merdeka. Thanks kak :)

Princess Barbie

1kg+ princess barbie ordered by Ms. Ijat Naili from Bt.Berendam for her daughter's birthday.

thanks ;)

Chocolate Cake

4kg Choc cake with orange buttercream & ganache + shredded chocolates - ordered by Ms. Yana from UTEM. Thanks dear :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Steam buttercream Wedding Cakes

2tiers Steam buttercream wedding cake - ordered by Ms. Ema from Sg. Udang for her wedding ceremony. Thanks a lot Ema. :)

The Wedding Set

Wedding cakes set - for hantaran (the bride & the bride groom) and makan beradab. Ordered by Ms. Wahedah for her wedding ceremony. Thanks a lot Wahedah :)

New : Rocky Road Cakes

Introducing new member of the family, the Rocky Road Cake. It's a chocolate cake with ganache and topped with marshmallow, roasted almond, chocs chips, maltesers & cadbury chocs. Promotion until end of July, Rm45/kg only. (^_^)

Fondant cupcakes

16pcs fondant cupcakes for hantaran - ordered by Ms. Eira. tQ Eira :)

CMC with Strawberries

1kg+ choc moist cake with strawberries ordered by Ms. Linda for her mom's birthday. Thanks Linda :)

Vanilla Strawberry Cupcakes

25pcs vanilla cupcakes with strawberry ordered by Ms. Mieza for her someone's special. Thank Mieza :)

Choc Moist Cake

1kg CMC with ganache - ordered by Ms. Maria for makan2. tQ :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sweet Roses

2 tiers (2kg + 3kg) wedding cake - ordered by Ms. Faezah from Telok Mas for her wedding ceremony. Thanks & Congrats dear :)


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